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NBA has Granted 3 years Accreditation status for 5 UG Engg. Programmes: CSE, ECE, EEE, CIVIL & Mechanical

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About CSI

Computer Society of India (CSI)is the first largest body of computer professionals in India. It was started on 6 March 1965 by a few computer professionals and has now grown to be the national body representing computer professionals.

Through the initiatives of professor  Rangaswamy  Narasimhan, the first president ,CSI has been in close liaison with  International  Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) since its inception in 1965, when observes from India attended the IFIP Council meeting.
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The Computer Society of India is a non-profit professional society and to meet exchange views and information learn and share ideas. The wide spectrum of members is committed to the advancement of theory and practice of computer science and technology systems, Science and Engineering, Information Processing and relates Arts and Sciences.


  • Facilitate Research, Knowledge Sharing, Learning and Career Enhancement among all categories of IT professionals.
  • Inspire, nature and assist students to integrate into the IT community
  • Percolate benefits of IT advancement to all sections of Indian society.


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