College provides following kinds of facilities to the students as well as to the faculty to do Research Activities. 

1. College providing computers with high speed internet, and laptops, wifi connection for those who are doing research. Digital library facility useful for assessing e-journals and e-books for both students and research scholars.

2. Department of CIVIL engineering provides soil, pernability testing equipement for research scholars and students.
3.  As a part of the research Activity various Research Articles and papers are published in reputed National and International Scopus Journals. As well as with the wide support of Management and Research Centre in each department various Faculty members are attending national & international conferences and workshops in India and Abroad.
4. The institute is making continuous efforts in upgrading the laboratories to meet the demand of new era in technology.
5.  The library of the institute is enriched with wide range of books and various national and international journals. E- Journals are also accessible to the researchers.
6.  For the purpose of research and Development activities each departments has following licensed & Open Source Software's :-







Licensed Software AUTO CAD, STADD.Pro ANSYS 17.0 AUTO CAD, STADD.Pro ANSYS 17.0 MAT LAB MAT LAB, Mentor graphics, Xilinx ISE, TMS 320C6713DSP processors JAVA, BOARLAND C, ORACLE, Visual Studio, MS Office Packages
Open Source Software Scilab, GCC Scilab, GCC Scilab, GCC GCC, NASM, FASM , GNU Binutils Open office , LaTeX, GCC, NASM, FASM